Jane Kelleher

  “Your dreams CAN come true”. Recently divorced, and with my marital home under agreement to sell within eight weeks, I was under a lot of pressure to find a new home, and find it FAST. Melissa provided expert advice and support, and calmly guided me through one of the more stressful periods of my life. She showed remarkable patience as we relentlessly explored all available options. She encouraged me to keep going until absolutely all the pieces fit, and I found exactly what I was looking for. With her guidance, I was able to close on the sale of my old home, and finalize the purchase of my new home on the very same day. Melissa was able to combine her considerable knowledge of the real estate market with her intuitive understanding of what my needs were. Thanks to her perseverance, I am now the proud and delighted owner of my dream home in Jamestown, RI.

Steve and Sue Cardente

Melissa sold our house within a week. Her ability to stage our home and take great photos for the online listing were fundamental in the sale. She negotiated our price and we did not have to experience any stress at all since she sold the house so quickly! We are very impressed with her knowledge and she was able to answer all of our questions quickly and honestly!

Stacey Bartholomew

I was so impressed with Melissa. I was relocating from the Midwest, so I needed someone I could trust and Melissa provided that confident truth that was so important to me! I was amazed at how quickly she figured out my needs and likes and provided housing for me to look at when I flew out. She is so friendly, honest, warm, patient and understanding of the needs of a home buyer. I so appreciated her "no pressure" approach and gentle assurance when I needed her opinion. I would highly recommend Melissa! 

Diane Slader

      Melissa Polom came to me through my daughter after having had our property on the market for a year with no real interest. She came into a hornet's nest of a family who could not agree on anything except that we needed to disengage with being co-owners of a place full of memories and history going back over 50 years.

     Melissa's approach is logical, direct, mathematical and practical. Her presentation helped all of us see that how what we had been doing was totally self-defeating. She helped to neutralize the denial and resistence we had to see things differently; and got my most-difficult sibling to see the value of doing things her way. Within one month of re-listing, we got the offer we were willing to live with and are now enjoying our freedom from owning our parents' estate and the conflicts it created for us.

     During the selling process, she helped to facilitate the cleaning-out process, picking up the slack in my most trying of times. She has a way of bringing calm into a storm and helps the prospects see the value of the property to them. Her no-nonsense approach makes her someone I would recommend to anyone looking to sell their property.

Matt Davitt

I have worked with Melissa for the past two years buying and selling multiple properties. She was very patient in helping me find my dream house, which took two years. She also helped me find and negotiate a fabulous deal on an investment property that I would have passed on. I currently have my personal home listed with her and would not give it to anyone else. She is professional, honest, ethical, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell or buy real estate.     

Carol O'Neill

I was upside down on my mortgage and was ready to just let my home go into foreclosure. After talking with Melissa, she explained about a Short Sale instead.  She showed how that would save my credit and connected me with someone to work with the bank for me. She made it very easy. She did all the work. Arranged an appointment with a Real Estate Lawyer at no Cost. She had a dumpster delivered to my home and I did not have to pay for it till the house was sold. She was able to get me a handy man to rebuild steps for very little cost. All the home,fire,pest,inspections were takien care of by Melissa. The most I had to do was Itemize my expenses for the bank, write a hardship letter and show the last 3 months of my bank statements & pay stubs. My house was sold in less then 6 months. I did not have to pay my mortgage nor worry about getting evicted by the bank. I also received $1000.00 from the bank to pay for moving after the house was sold. All I have to say is Melissa was Great. I would never had been able to do this the right way. I was ready to just give up. She was so Helpful,Honest & Professional, I Will Recommend Melissa to anyone that is Buying,Selling or even think about foreclosure. I am grateful for all her hard work .

James Gordon Wallace

Melissa was a pleasure to work with, very attentive to the needs of the client. She has an excellent knowledge base. She made a stressful, confusing transaction smooth and understandable. She was always available for consultation. Melissa was more than an agent, she became a friend.

Lydia Hanhardt and Jeremiah Dyehouse

 Melissa was very thorough in her marketing of our property. She took the time to fully familiarize herself with the regulations related to our property and she diligently worked to make sure that buyer's agents understood these regulations. We loved our old neighborhood and cared a lot about what happened to the home. It was an added bonus that Melissa understood that and was able to find a buyer for us who really wanted to live in our neighborhood.